Kika Lievano is a Colombian textile illustrator and designer passionate about colors and convinced that in design there is not only creativity but also heart.

This artist and entrepreneur, 9 years ago began creating a line of products for young people who love color, nature, patterns and symbolism. Her products are specially designed for people to involve cheerful worlds, full of colors, to shed the gray and urban environments around them and invite them to explore a magical world full of light.

Kika’s work uses materials such as paper, wood and fabric, the latter is designed particularity that is specific to design and function. Her designs abound with patterns, energy as a symbol of human power, nature, geometric figures, and ideograms of ancient cultures.

Her patterns, illustrations, and drawings realized with watercolors, colored pencils and ink, always emphasize the use of a palette of saturated and vibrant colors. 

She also uses digital tools to design the products, which allows her to expand the different creative disciplines. Inspired by nature, love, mysticism, spirituality and life, every object is a full-of-life tribute as it mixes luminescent colors to expresse a message, an image, or an energy-filled icon.

Among the products Kika designs and develops, you find a wide range of everyday items such as planners, notebooks, notepads, backpacks, wallets, scarves, shirts, and blocks of drawings, each designed exclusively with images that tell real and fantastic stories, messages, and representations that make them unique.

Kika's products, infused with her unique creativity, represent life, love, joy, and optimism, and even reflection, making each of these items transcend their daily use to become true pieces of art. They will transport you into imaginary, surreal, magical and mystical worlds. With every line, every brushstroke and every phrase Kika draws you into her creative universe and makes these worlds palpable.

The key to this great artist is how she translates her creativity into each object: Kika’s commitment to her art and her products is deeply passionate, constant and pursued with great care, which is why she puts her personal stamp on each of them.